Statement about Streptomyces venezuelae Strain and Sequence

Dear S. venezuelae researchers,

There has been some confusion, for which I apologise, over the multiple iterations of the Streptomyces venezuelae genome sequence (sve, sven_15 and vnz). To clarify, all the Streptomyces venezuelae work at the John Innes Centre has been performed with the same strain. The final and complete (vnz) genome sequence of this strain has been determined and submitted to the NCBI database under reference NZ_CP018074.1. In parallel, to unambiguously link the two, the sequenced strain has been deposited with the NRRL culture collection under stock code NRRL B-65442. Please use the NZ_CP018074.1 genome sequence and vnz gene identifiers from now on. A clarifying statement like this one has been added to the beginning of the Material and Methods section of the bldC paper by Bush et al. [mBio (2019) e02812-18], which can be cited in reference. Please note that Streptomyces venezuelae NRRL B-65442 carries a 158-kb linear plasmid (vnz pvnz here in StrepDB; NCBI reference NZ_CP018075.1) and this was not assembled in the first iteration of the genome sequence (sve).

In the NRRL culture collection database, you will see that it says that the origin of NRRL B-65442 is "unsure".  This is because we cannot unambiguously trace the lineage of our strain back to either of the two original 1940's Streptomyces venezuelae soil isolates - the Caracas/Yale/Burkholder strain or the Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station at Urbana/Gottlieb strain, although it has to be a descendant of one or the other. In the sense that we submitted the strain to the NRRL culture collection, you can be sure of its origin. If you obtained S. venezuelae from the John Innes Centre, then you already have NRRL B-65442.

Prof. Mark Buttner
Department of Molecular Microbiology
John Innes Centre
Norwich Research Park
Norwich NR4 7UH
United Kingdom